Kingdom Trust Co. an Independent Qualified Custodian

Welcome to The Kingdom Trust Company:

The Kingdom Trust Company strives to add value to the Family Office, Investment Sponsor and Advisor, and the Self-Directed IRA industry.  We are a team of seasoned industry professionals that understands the value of technology, client service, and creativity in the business model.  Our company provides you a growth-ready model with the industry’s best practices in place to provide you and your clients with precision execution and delivery.  Innovative, flexible, and cost effective…everyday. 

Vision Statement:           

      With uncompromising integrity, The Kingdom Trust Company provides the most innovative custody solutions for Family Offices, Investment Sponsors and Advisors and Individuals; through which, they are empowered with the opportunity to build and preserve wealth for generations.

Mission Statement: 

       The Kingdom Trust Company was established to provide flexible, innovative and cost effective custody solutions to the investment industry, We strive to build relationships and partnerships that will recognize our firms’ extraordinary commitment to client services, technology and industry knowledge. Our belief at The Kingdom Trust Company is that we will transform the investment world into a marketplace where portfolio diversity is valued, where independence is celebrated, and where personal relationships and trust have enduring value. 

Our 10 Core Values:

1)      FaithBelieve that you are a part of something with a Divine Purpose, something Greater than yourself.

2)      Character First – your actions reflect upon others

3)      Service Before Self – willing to be a servant to others in order to be successful

4)      Dedication to the team – will be there for others

5)      Passionatecare more than others think wise

6)      Lead a Life of IntegrityHonesty, Truth, Reliability

7)      Live Courageously Don’t be afraid to do something GREAT

8)      Be a Trusted Resource – deliver a superior client experience every time

9)      Expect a Greater Reward – Look to future with hope and encouragement

10)   Keep the Main thing the Main thing

Our Story:

Years ago, the company’s founders looked across the  industry and determined that a flexible, nimble company that treated its clients and customers as family could not only thrive, but could rise to the top of the industry.  To begin the climb toward that goal, the founders again looked across the industry and brought together leaders in the ares of custody solutions and business development, operations, and compliance. This team of professionals brought with them years of experience in regard to Institutional Custody of assets and the Self-Directed retirement industry.  Their combined experiences have collectively built an industry powerhouse when it comes to execution and delivery to you.   Our Executive Summary will give you the details. 

Kingdom Trust recognizes that with Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and the Consumer Protection Act,  the Institutional Custody marketplace has dramatically changed and will continue to evolve.  We focus toward custody services to institutional clients who require or desire an  unrelated independent qualified custodian to house their assets or the assets they hold on behalf of their clients.  Our focus in the private equity, hedge fund, registered investment advisor, investment sponsor and other institutional markeplaces have given us multiple opportunities to showcase our expertise and platform.  The Kingdom Trust Company also offers custody services to IRA, 401k, HSA and CESA account owners who wish to self-direct their investments.  The Kingdom Trust Company will hold traditional assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but it specializes in holding the non-traditional ones, Real Estate, Private Equity, Promissory Notes, Precious Metals, and others.

Whatever your needs, please give us a call. Let’s discuss how we can help you meet your goals and objectives. Join our family. Help us fulfill our quest and let us help you rule your destiny.